Orian Wellness offers a variety of IVs that can be custom tailored to meet your individual needs. For decades IV therapy has been used to treat many different ailments and conditions including fatigue, acute and chronic infections, migraines, and autoimmune diseases. In addition to disease specific protocols, IV therapy can be a useful adjunct to a general wellness protocol to ensure adequate levels of specific vitamins and minerals in the body.

At Orian Wellness, we provide cutting edge IV protocols including high dose vitamin C, chelation protocols, and Major Autohemotherapy. Each IV protocol is individualized to the patient based on their goals, presenting symptoms, and a comprehensive review of laboratory results. Some protocols require additional testing to ensure safety and appropriateness.

Our nutritionist is also available as a concierge service for kitchen revamp, shopping tours and one on one food prep and cooking.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (760) 593-4613.