We offer a number of resources in the community. Companies we trust who are ethical and have your best interest at heart. Companies that make an impact in our communities for health and wellness. We are constantly updating this list as we find new and exciting connections for your wellness journey so feel free to check back with us on the community resources page.

And for our patients, we have pertinent information and guidance to assist you in your visits to our clinic as well your ongoing care. Learn about Naturopathic Medicine, what to expect from your first visit, how to prepare for your visits and much more. We also include an intake form you can print and fax to us.


As part of our ongoing care for our patients, we make a growing number of resources available to help familiarize you with our practice and to provide you with information, tools and encouragement in your wellness journey.

For new patients, please download your intake form (health assessment), print and fill out. For HIPPA compliance we ask that you fax to (760) 448-5103 before your visit. Our doctors appreciate the time beforehand to review along with any current labs you may have. Let us know if you have any questions.

Intake Form

Thank you for the opportunity and honor to assist you with your health. We would like to start out with sharing that the word Doctor comes from the Latin word Docere, a verb that means To Teach. We as a team strive to embody the origin of the word, teaching you how to achieve greater health. Much like a guide; our doctors can “show you the ropes”, we can make sure you have the right gear, and can help make it a safe journey, but ultimately it is you who will accomplish your goals!


  • Please fill out the Confidential Health History Patient Information Document. It helps you create a comprehensive snapshot of your health, life, and any relevant events.
  • Make sure you are able to devote your attention to the visit. Your initial visit may be a few hours long, bring whatever you need to accommodate this. Mentally prepare to talk about whatever you need to.
  • Bring a health partner if you feel you need assistance. This can be your spouse, family member, or friend.
  • Bring any records you have prior to appointment. That way you the doctor has enough time to overlook and review before your initial visit.
  • Bring all of your supplements or medications, whether your taking them or not.
  • Make sure you’ve completed the additional intake paperwork.


  • We keep things simple! So we can offer you better rates, more time, and a friendlier experience. We have flexible hours. If you need a late or weekend appointment, just ask.
  • As a courtesy, you have full access to all of the supplement medications prescribed through my office. No running around for the right nutrient, dose, or quality and without the risk of online ordering from an unknown distributor. The manufacturers prescribed are mostly Physician and Pharmacist only lines and require the same pricing across all sellers, typically better than the retail alternatives. (Note that I do not utilize any MLM or incentivized products).
  • It is a friendly and comfortable environment; don’t worry about the fear of going to the Doctor here!


  • Support legislation that licenses Naturopathic Physicians in other states. Licensure ensures that the public knows what they are getting and provides safety. In Arizona, Naturopathic Physicians (ND or NMDs) are licensed Primary Care Physicians who not only are specialists in Natural and Holistic healthcare but also have prescription rights and the ability to order lab and other testing.
  • Select Insurance coverage that provides Naturopathic Care or encourage your current carrier to do so. Some states require that you can choose which type of Physician you want to use your Insurance for, however in Arizona your carrier can dictate this for you. The Affordability Care Act may enact, on a Federal level, your ability to choose the licensed healthcare provider you want, please encourage your legislators to interpret it as such.
  • Create a team approach to your care and designate one provider as your “Hub” that monitors everything. Ultimately you have to provide the time and resources to make this happen.
  • Be aware that “Healthcare” is not the same as “What my Insurance covers”. Just like maintaining your home or car, sometimes the right fix may require more than the bare minimum. Some patients chose to use Insurance for catastrophic coverage and pay for their Primary Care directly so that they are in control of where their resources go.
  • The ultimate compliment is that of your referral. Please know that you can always offer a complimentary consult to anyone you feel may benefit from my care, I assure that if I am not the right fit for them I will do my best to help them find a practitioner who is.